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Nominations open w/c 4 March 2024

2024 Key dates

The period under review for all Awards is 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024. 

w/c Monday 4 March 2024 – nominations open

Thursday 4 April 2024 – nominations close

Thursday 2 May 2024 – Voting Panel meeting

Friday 3 May 2024 – shortlist announced

Thursday 13 June 2024 – winners announced at the European Mediscience Awards 2024

2024 Nominations

Nominations open w/c 4 March 2024 and will close on Thursday 4 April 2024. 


  • To be eligible, the majority of the business of the company, and its subsidiaries, must be in the healthcare (animal and human), medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology or life sciences sectors.
  • In addition, a significant part of the company’s, and its subsidiaries’, activities should involve scientific research and development which may or may not be product specific.
  • These awards are open to quoted mediscience companies on recognised exchanges throughout Europe.
  • For the Emerging Star category, this award was designed for private mediscience companies, although recently quoted public companies could also be considered, at the discretion of the Voting Panel.

2024 Shortlist and winners

Following the nominations and voting processes, the shortlisted nominees will be announced on this website on Friday 3 May 2024. Winners will be announced at the gala dinner on Thursday 13 June 2024.

Previous winners