Thursday 11 June 2020

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The Awards

Covering the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

All quoted and private European mediscience companies are eligible for these awards provided that the majority of the business of the company, and its subsidiaries, is in the healthcare (animal and human), medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology or life sciences sectors. In addition, a significant part of the company's, and its subsidiaries', activities should involve scientific research and development which may or may not be product specific.

Best Communication Award 

Sponsored by Optimum Strategic Communications

Successful communication is vital to the development of mediscience companies.

Newsflow, both good and bad, can have a significant effect on share prices, and the winner of this award will have demonstrated its ability to successfully communicate its investment message to its target audience.

Breakthrough of the Year Award

Sponsored by FTI Consulting

The winner of this award will be the company or organisation which has achieved the most significant breakthrough during the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020.

This breakthrough could be a new discovery, departure or breakthrough in technology, a significant positive change in its financial position, or other breakthrough which has added significantly to the company’s or organisation’s fortunes.

Best Technology Award

Sponsored by MC Services AG

The technology that lies at the heart of this award does not have to be proven, but it will, in the eyes of the Voting Panel, be innovative, well funded, and capable of significant commercial success. The technology concerned could have been developed within the organisation or acquired.

Mediscience Commentator of the Year Award

Sponsored by Instinctif Partners

This award recognises the importance of clear and concise commentary on the sector. It could be awarded to
a journalist, a columnist, a research house, a specialist website or a team that is dedicated to providing sharp, perceptive and penetrating commentary about the sector.

In-depth knowledge of the sector is a given; the Voting Panel will be looking for excellence in the way that knowledge is communicated to the wider audience.

Capital Market Transaction of the Year Award

Sponsored by SP Angel

This award recognises a significant capital market transaction during our period under review. The capital market transaction could be an IPO or a follow-on financing; it would be significant in scope and transformational in nature and would materially enhance the prospects for the business in the short, medium and long term.

In deciding the shortlist and eventual winner, the Voting Panel will take into account the amount raised, stock price performance and the quality of the share register.

Most Significant Contribution
to the Mediscience Sector Award

Sponsored by Covington

The winner of this award could be an individual, a company, a government department, research council, etc. who has made the single, biggest, most significant contribution to the sector. Difficult to define, but the Voting Panel will be aware of, and make allowances for, this fact. 

The Emerging Star Award

Sponsored by Design Portfolio

The Emerging Star will be a private or young public mediscience company that has demonstrable credibility in terms of business model/strategy, management team and financing. The winner's focus on innovation will also be key, with its technology/IP capable of significant market impact or disruption.

The Emerging Star may not be able to demonstrate too much of a track record, but it will be judged against the demanding criteria that exist for its quoted company peers. The purpose of this award is to broaden knowledge, exchange ideas and help private businesses understand what could be required of them in the quoted company universe.

Chief Executive of the Year Award

Sponsored by Panmure Gordon

The winner will be an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities during the year under review. The creation of shareholder value through drive, vision and flair in taking his or her business forward are the qualities the Voting Panel is looking for. The winner will also have recognised the importance of developing a management team and workforce in supporting corporate success.

Company of the Year Award

Sponsored by WG Partners 

The Company of the Year will already have gained recognition by analysts and investors.

It will be a well managed, soundly financed growth business with a well defined strategy to deliver its key financial, ethical and social ambitions. Put simply, the Voting Panel are not necessarily looking for the biggest, but they are looking for the best.